Innovative is committed to provide its customers with world class software to give them an edge. These software, developed by Innovative’s partners, deliver end-to-end self service banking solutions for smooth operations.
The software solutions that we offer for the self service banking machines help increase their efficiency and security and provides you with comprehensive control over the machines.

Our software are unique and custom developed with reference to the needs and wants of the banking industry. They offer:



Easy to maintain and can be handled by any user with basic operational knowledge.


They can be easily adapted to the configurations of various machines.


Additional features can be added as per the requirements of the machine or clients.


Easy to upgrade for more work (or for more number of users).



Direct Marketing

Direct marketing supports your entire marketing campaign through your self service banking machines.

It offers one-stop campaign management solution with multichannel support and easily work on multi-vendor systems.

Offering personalized contact to each of your customers, it records their responses, which are directly integrated in a fast analysis and evaluation process, resulting in a starting point of a new sales campaign based on positive leads.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct Customer contact and immediate feedback
  • Lower cost of marketing campaigns
  • Assessment of campaign’s success
  • Cross-selling and cross-marketing options

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ProView is a PC-based system for the monitoring and administration of self-service machines. It gives you an overview of the self-service network, enabling you to recognize at a glance the status of the various terminals under your responsibility. Changes of status are indicated automatically.

ProView gives operators a number of convenient, analytical monitoring views of the self-service network along with automated job scheduling.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible deployment options
  • Support for widely differing self-service systems
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Full exploitation of self-service medium as an advertising medium.

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Terminal Protection

PC/E Terminal Security guards your self-service banking machines against criminal attacks, providing proactive protection against potential system failure and loss of data.
The software offers comprehensive protection against

  • Non-authorized access to self-service systems
  • Attacks from the network and at local level
  • Image protection and a competitive edge thanks to process and data security
  • Protection from attacks carried out via removable media: CD-ROM, USB flash drive
  • Run-time protection for processes and applications

Key Benefits:

  • Administration of access rights
  • Configurable directory files
  • Firewall protection: network, TCP/IP
  • High productivity with protection for self-service systems in multivendor environments.

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ProView Video

ProView Video Surveillance

ProView Video Surveillance offers software that enables both centralized image and video monitoring and image analysis. It offers protection against transaction reversal fraud through video surveillance by incidents and enables transaction related images that can also be accessed remotely.

Key Benefits:

  • Show and report status changes
  • High system availability due to proactive/preventive monitoring
  • Store archive of images and videos on the ATM and the server
  • Create and edit users and their authorizations to operate the front ends
  • Transaction-based real-time monitoring of ATMs delivers up-to-the minute information

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