MCB Islamic Bank opts for IPL-G&D banknote processing solution

Taking pride in the concrete relations that IPL, specially its Banking Solutions Team, has developed with the banking fraternity over the years. MCB is one such example of an exemplary partnership, where they have over and over proved to be loyal to all of IPL’s product lines.

When it came time to meet SBP’s deadline for acquiring banknote processing machines for their Islamic Bank, MCB Islamic Bank relied on MCB’s trusted solutions partner – IPL. MCB Islamic Bank, acquired 33 BPS C1 and 16 Numeron-F Banknote Processing Machines to streamline its cash management operations.

IPL’s Banking Solutions Team, backed by long withstanding trust and superior technology, shrugged off the low-priced competition from multiple companies including HOBM, Gemco, Raynco and MiF. It is the result of continues efforts of the team that has made big banks of the country realize that how the systems being offered by IPL are of superior technology and round-the-clock services across the country can’t be matched by any of the competitors.

Kudos! Banking Solutions Team. You continue to inspire all of us.

About MCB Islamic Bank.

MCB Islamic Bank Limited obtained its banking license from the State Bank of Pakistan on June 12, 2014 and Commencement of Business on September 14, 2015. This is the first demerger transaction in the banking sector in Pakistan. In this transaction, the existing Islamic banking business of MCB Bank Ltd. in the form of thirty-four (34) branches was segregated and demerged from MCB Bank Ltd.

About G&D.

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) – a global leader in currency technology products and solutions for central banks, commercial banks, currency exchange houses, and CITs – to provide outstanding value for its customer to address to their banknote processing needs. The world’s leading banknote processing machine manufacturer is partnered with Innovative since 2012.