IPL wins Meezan Bank order of 50 BPS C1 F and 29 Numeron-CL

In another achievement of IPL Banking Solutions team, we take pride in announcing that Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s largest Islamic Bank, has ordered 29 Numeron-CL and 50 BPS C1 F in order to comply with Stae Bank’s banknote policy regulations.

Relationship of IPL and Meezan Bank go way back and when it came time to meet SBP’s deadline for acquiring banknote processing machines, Meezan Bank relied on its solutions partner – IPL. Meezan Bank, one of the largest bank of Pakistan, acquired 50 BPS C1 F and 29 Numeron-CL Banknote Processing Machines to streamline its cash management operations.

IPL’s Banking Solutions Team, backed by long withstanding trust and superior technology, shrugged off the low-priced competition from multiple companies including HOBM, Gemco, Raynco and MiF.

About Meezan Banknote.

Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank, is a publicly listed company. The Bank commenced operations in 2002, after being issued the first-ever Islamic commercial banking license by the State Bank of Pakistan. The Bank has a retail network of more than 550 branches in 143 cities of the country that include over 500 ATMs.

About G&D.

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) – a global leader in currency technology products and solutions for central banks, commercial banks, currency exchange houses, and CITs – to provide outstanding value for its customer to address to their banknote processing needs. The world’s leading banknote processing machine manufacturer is partnered with Innovative since 2012.