Innovative becomes the leading provider of Currency Note Processing in Pakistan

With the deadline from SBP fast approaching, commercial banks have been busy in procuring currency note processing machines to automate their currency processing function. With Innovative’s offering of G&D, the global leader of the industry, several banks promptly selected it for deploying various G&D models including BPS C1, Numeron, and BPS C4-8.
Some of the leading banks have procured several hundred of these machines to be deployed throughout the country. After the State Bank of Pakistan opted for G&D M7 machines, these deployments make Innovative the market leader in the Currency Note Processing technology in Pakistan.
The G&D machines allow the commercial banks to authenticate, sort on denomination and orientation, as well as sort on fitness for ATMs and recirculation. This will allow banks to capture counterfeit currency more accurately, replenish only fit currency notes in ATMs, and send unfit currency to SBP.
For the bank customers, it is good news because they can be more confident about the cash they receive from the bank counters and the ATMs.

About Innovative Pvt Ltd.

Innovative is a leading technology-based solution provider in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the realm of Power Solutions, Data Center Infrastructure Solutions, Self-service Banking and Currency Technology Solutions. With a proud history of 29 years of exemplary service, Innovative has joined hands with Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), APC by Schneider Electric, and Diebold Nixdorf to provide outstanding value to its customers. With the largest service organization and infrastructure for any IT company in Pakistan, IPL has widespread coverage of the entire country. For more information

About G&D.

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) – a global leader in currency technology products and solutions for central banks, commercial banks, currency exchange houses, and CITs – to provide outstanding value for its customer to address to their banknote processing needs. The world’s leading banknote processing machine manufacturer is partnered with Innovative since 2012.