AGM South

KARACHI, August 1, 2015: Innovative Pvt Ltd. Organized its Annual General Meeting (South Region) 2014-2015 here at PC Hotel Karachi.
The purpose of the meeting is to outline important company developments and future endeavours to its employees. Attended by almost all the employees of South region this meeting lead to greater employee understanding of key business issues and can provide increased employee feedback up the hierarchical ladder.
The agenda of the meeting includes presentations by the senior leadership and the departmental heads on their achievments, accomplishments and future endeavours and targets.

The Benefits of Being Seen and Heard

A key benefit of AGMs is that they hold an audience’s attention better than other forms of communication. It also helps all employees in understanding Comapny’s stratigic position and the way forward for the company as well as individual departments.
Being able to see the person who is amongst the decision makers of the company and be able to ask any questions helps build acceptance and credibility within the organization’s environment. These meetings have also helped setting the direction of the company through employee suggestions and participation.
These meetings, over the past few years, have allowed the company’s leadership to hear a variety of perspectives, connect at a grassroots level and learn more about the nitty-gritty issues occurring at the department level.

Building A Two-Way Street

To gain these benefits, the AGM was conducted as a dialogue, not a monologue, the top management and deparmental heads came out and talked about the goals for the coming year and how everyone needs to get on board.

The Value Of Following Through

Creating an atmosphere where employees can ask questions and making sure that all the questions are answered even if we have to run a little overtime, because at Innovative we believe in open communication and to resolve any and all issues promptly.
Questions were even answered on a personal level as well as departmental level. And it was ensured that notes were taken by the speaker during his/her presentation so that the issues or questions which require some background working are addressed in due time.

Awards Ceremony

The AGM culminated with an awards ceremony where awards were divided in to three major categories:

Special Contribution

  • Javed Akhtar – Services
  • Rehan Khan – Power Division

Special Performance

  • Imran Hussain Shah – Procurement
  • Razee Khan – Accounts
  • Abdul Moiz Aftab – VAS
  • Sohail Anjum – Services
  • Iqbal Ghani – Power Division

Commitment to Work

  • Ann Rodrigues – Administration
  • Kafeel Ahmed – VAS
  • Kashif Khan – Services
  • Abdullah Khan Nasir – Service Delivery
  • Zain Saleem Qureshi – Banking Division
  • Bilal Anwar – TAC